Welcome to sprbl.net

Consolidated IP Reputation Black List based on sources found around the internet, and hundreds of billing system users (WHMCS and Blesta) who contribute fraud user IP addresses in real-time. Our DNS servers return a "score" based on threat level activity, which can be used to determine allowing access to your website. We have a pre-made WHMCS module available, and a Blesta module still in the works. Please see our WHMCS page for more info. 

How it works -

  • Query our DNS servers, using octet reverse IP notation like so, for an IP address of -
  • Nothing returned means the IP is NOT listed.
  • A return of 127.0.0.X means it is listed. (X is equivelant to the score, where 1 is low and 10 is high).
  • IP's naturally drop off the list, when no activity is detected for 30 days. (There is NO delisting option at this time).

Please consider donating to help keep this service running, by purchasing the "Pro" version of the billing system modules, or by donating via Paypal if you use our DNS servers in other projects.